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Profile - Eugene Ryan
087 8208705 

M.I.A.H.I.P., Reg. ICP., 

Dip. Counselling & Psychotherapy, Dip. Gestalt Therapy, Cert. Hakomi (Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy)

Located at:

126-128 Ranelagh, Dublin 6.

I am an accredited psychotherapist with IAHIP ( Irish Association for Humanistic and

Integrative Psychotherapy). That means that I abide by their code of ethics.

My work is strongly based on a “humanistic” approach, reflecting my belief that each of

us already possesses within us,

a strength and a wisdom which, when allowed to emerge within a supportive environment,

can inform us about how we live our lives.

And that includes, informing us about daily, “everyday” decisions, as well as about our

real purpose and meaning in life, what it means to be here, what it means to relate to those

around us.

My work draws on a number of approaches, chiefly Person-centred, Psychodynamic, 

Gestalt therapy, Mindfulness-based methods (Hakomi Method) with some use of Art work and dream material, where appropriate.

 I currently work only with individuals over 18 years of age.

My phone number is 087 8208705, if you wish to find out more and arrange a time to meet.

My personal website is available at also. 

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